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Biz Showcase: Fleetway

If you grew up in London, you most likely celebrated a birthday at Fleetway. Since Fleetway’s inception in 1959, the goal of Fleetway has always been to provide entertainment to the London community. Throughout the years, Fleetway has evolved to become more family friendly, even becoming the first smoke-free bowling centre in London. This year alone Fleetway has seen major changes with renovations to Fleetplay, Glow-Golf, and a new events room.

Almost 60 years after Sam Katz, a Holocaust survivor, opened Fleetway’s doors it continues to be a major landmark as a thriving entertainment centre in London. Fleet- way boasts five and ten-pin bowling, billiards, arcade games, glow-golf and one of Canada’s tallest kids soft play centres, known as FleetPlay. Fleetway is also a host to Dairy Queen and Pizza Projekt – offering award-winning gourmet pizzas, salads and appetizers.

Fleetway continues to thrive as the third generation help to reinvigorate the business by adding some millennial flair. In the past few years, Sam Katz’ grandchildren have been active in building Fleetway’s community. “We recognize that parents in London are looking for a fun place to bring their children to release their energy regardless of weather conditions,” says Sam’s granddaughter Michelle Sigulim. Whether it is raining or a snowstorm, Fleetway provides the ideal atmosphere for children and parents, who can relax on the comfortable couches as they enjoy food from one of the onsite restaurants while kids play.

FleetPlay has been such a booming success that additional seating and stroller parking has recently been added. In addition to those renovations, Glow-Golf has experienced a makeover, becoming Ontario’s first ever 3D Glow-Golf! The new space encompasses an eye-popping experience created from free-hand brush techniques and pyrotechnics that will impress all family members! Fleet- way is also excited to offer a new Pinterest perfect event space that can be used to host birthday parties, baby showers, family gatherings, corporate events, and even weddings.

After 60 years of operations, the focus of Fleetway has always been – and will always be – to serve the London community, provide excellent family entertainment and deliver outstanding customer experiences.


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