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Beauty Foods For Glowing Skin

As the saying goes; “we are what we eat” so as you step into the new year, fuel up on these beauty-boosting foods to help you put your best you forward.

Green with Envy

Vegetables are not only an essential part of a healthy diet, but these delicious greens

are packed with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, vitamins, and collagen-boosting

benefits. Think kale, spinach, and avocado – three delicious veggies that can be used in salads, smoothies, side dishes or as a snack. These beauty boosters contain Vitamin A, C, E, K – a powerful anti-aging combo that helps to minimize wrinkles, diminishes dark circles, and tighten skin for a much more youthful appearance.

Go Nuts!

Almonds and walnuts not only make for a healthy snack, but they are also amazing hair

enhancers. Packed with Vitamin E and omegas, these yummy nuts help to keep

hair strong and shiny, protecting tresses from environmental and sun damage. Also

a great source of protein and fiber which help to keep our bodies fuelled and lean.

Berry Beautiful

Berries are packed with Vitamin C; a strong antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals, hydrates from the inside-out and increases collagen levels. By making these anti-inflammatory fruits a staple in our everyday meals, we are not only feeding our hair, skin, and nails with beautifying benefits; we are nourishing our bodies, reducing stress and improving digestive function. Enjoy as a snack, in smoothies, or as a yogurt topper for a refreshing touch.

Sea-ing is Believing

Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon have incredible beauty benefits that are essential for gorgeous hair, skin, and nails. Another beauty-booster from the down under to help you attain gorgeous, supple skin is seaweed. Sea vegetables contain iron, manganese, iodine, copper, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium which promote shiny strands and glowing skin.

Great Grains

Oatmeal has rich anti-oxidant properties and helps undo the damage done to your skin by pollution, UV rays, and chemicals. These healing grains also help to soothe and smooth skin and can be used to calm eczema and heal psoriasis. Start incorporating oatmeal every day as a great breakfast option or mid-day snack to help sustain fullness and energy while beautifying yourself from the inside-out.

Lisa Aquilina is the founder of Stilettos and a Stroller and creator and Editor-in-Chief of Women with Ambition™️Magazine.


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