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Cottage Country Winter Fun: Arrowhead Provincial Park

Imagine skating along a winding forested frozen trail with flaming tiki torches lining your route. You can do that on select days this winter at Arrowhead Provincial Park near Huntsville. But if evening fun isn’t on your radar, day skating (sans tiki torches) is also possible throughout February and March, so long as the ice stays frozen.

Skating is one winter activity – yes, imagine snowy family fun in cottage country – growing in popularity at Arrowhead, and you can rent skates too. In fact, you can rent cross-country skis, boots, and snowshoes at the new Visitors’ Centre, designed to provide participants with equipment efficiently. A winterized picnic shelter is part of the design, as is a floor-to-ceiling fireplace inside the ‘warm up’ area of the Centre.

Winter trails are open including the easy walk to Big Bend Lookout, a panoramic review of the circular Big East River. If crazy fun calls your name, the tubing hill is open all winter and very popular particularly on weekends – and tubing is including in the price of admission. If you’re really loving the winter wonderland vibe, stay the night.

That’s right, stay overnight, but not in a tent. Available during the winter months, the park has several ‘roofed accommodations’ with log cabin-style bunk beds, kitchenettes, a firepit in the yard and heated showers… a short walk away. Picture yourself at a Provincial Park quietly curled up with the great Canadian novel, or reading The Paper Bag Princess aloud, one more time.


Sherri Telenko is a Southern-Ontario based travel writer. Please check out her four-footed adventures at www.dogtrotting.net.

Sherri Telenko is a freelance writer and blogger living in Southern Ontario. Sign up for travel ideas at www.dogtrotting.net or follow her on twitter @SherriTelenko.


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