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Tips to help you save $$ at the grocery store this month

Who says healthy eating is expensive?! I’m here to bust that myth and prove to you that healthy eating
doesn’t have to cost you more. With these trusty tips in your back pocket, eating on a budget will be

Use (and stick to) a grocery list. Commit to you list (and don’t go to the grocery store hungry!!). This will
help prevent impulse buys.

Shop alone (if possible!) or put them to work. #1 is so much easier to follow (and can be more peaceful)
if you don’t have a wee one or more begging for the newest and coolest cereal. I understand that may
not be possible for everyone or every time. If that’s the case, get your kids involved in picking out foods
from your list. This could also be a great teaching moment.

Compare prices and price match. Use the product label to compare the unit price and buy the product
that is less expensive. Buy generic brands over brand name if there is a difference in price. Take the time
to price-match at the check-out if it’s offered.

Look for sales and reduced prices. There are many ways to save if you take some time to do your
research. I use the reebee and Flip mobile apps to find sales. You can also check out flyers and use
coupons for deals on foods that are on your list. Another great way to save is to purchase foods offered
at a lower price or on discount because they are close to their best before or expiry date or are slightly
bruised. These products can be just as healthy.

Buy in bulk when appropriate. Don’t shop at Costco? That’s OK. Some stores offer foods in bulk
quantities. If it’s a food you eat often, buy the full size or family size version and divide it up yourself and
store or freeze for another time.

Stock your shelves. Stock up on canned and dried goods when they are on sale. Another great trick is to
extend the shelf life of foods you’ve bought on sale.  Try freezing foods like:

  • fish, lean meats or poultry
  • fruit and vegetables
  • whole grain bread


Frozen and canned vegetables can also be healthy options and can be less expensive than fresh foods
when they are out of season.

If you’re looking for even more great tips and some great recipes to help inspire your meal plans and
grocery lists, check out the new food guide website – Canada.ca/FoodGuide. Get your kids to help pick
out a new recipe for this week. Better yet, get their help in writing the grocery list and preparing the

Happy, healthy eating!


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