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The Mom & Caregiver is Southwestern Ontario’s top brand for modern Canadian parenting advice. We have been serving London and surrounding area for over 25 years. Partner with us and we’ll go above and beyond to find innovative ways to align you with household decision makers!


  • 87% of our readers own their own home and are looking to buy your products and services.
  • We have a monthly readership of 50 000 and growing.
  • We boast over 30 000 visitors per month on themomandcaregiver.com with up to 90 000 pageviews.
  • We have a highly engaged social media audience of over 27 000.

Top Reasons to Advertise with the Mom & Caregiver:

  1. Get your business in front of the decision makers! 90% of our readers are women and women make 80% of all household decisions.
  2. We will use our 25+ years of experience to make your business better and help you grow.
  3. We promise that you will be part of our family. We’ll help you connect in our community, and use our website and social media to reach even further.
  4. We are a brand you want to partner with as we support all types of families in a judgement-free way, and are passionate about giving back to our community.

Advertising Opportunities