519Pursuit is a friendship-based and empathy-driven outreach program. Kindness and understanding are at the frontlines of 519Pursuit’s work. The foundation is built on meeting community members facing poverty and homelessness right where they are. This kick-starts reintegrating vulnerable members back into a supportive and inclusive community.

The 519Pledge For Socks is a community initiative that happens from October 1st – November 15th each year. The initiative was brought to light to change the conversation around homelessness leading into the colder months of the year. 519Pursuit encourages folks in the community to take the pledge to obtain 519 pairs of socks to donate. Each individual or team begins a conversation with their friends, families and networks for six weeks to raise awareness of items and solutions that could support those facing homelessness. Throughout the past four years, 519Pursuit has had successful campaigns by raising over 183,000 pairs of socks. These socks have been donated forward to 50 other community groups, services and shelters from London to Toronto over the past four years. 

Did you know socks are one of the most asked for items at shelters and one of the least thought of to be donated? This year, your participation matters more than ever. Help stock the socks for winter and ensure everyone has an opportunity for a new pair of socks. The 519Pledge is an innovative way to bridge the gap in the community by creating meaningful conversations that lead to donations so large there are always socks to deliver when the need arises. Join the fun and take the 519Pledge by heading to www.519pursuit.ca/pledge



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