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A Doula’s Role in Pediatric Dentistry

First things first. What is a doula? Traditionally speaking a Doula is someone who offers support to a pregnant person before, during and after birth. However, a Doula’s expertise can span a wide spectrum of care depending on their training. 

Supporting families is not a one size fits all gig! Families come in all shapes and sizes, with diverse ways of caring for each other. Doulas offer an empathic and trauma-informed perspective with a focus on informed consent and self-advocacy in care. 

At our office, Jennifer is our Doula. Jennifer’s training is focused heavily on the postpartum period, and infant feeding. She works alongside Dr. Ari, supporting our tiniest patients and their families through the assessment and treatment of lip and tongue ties.

When a family arrives with their baby, emotions are high. Parents are often sleep deprived, anxious and unsure of what is about to happen. This is where support begins. Our experienced team will welcome your family and all your feelings into our space. Families are given an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences. We allow space for those feelings and experiences to be acknowledged and validated. Our goal in this initial meeting is to let families know they will be fully supported through the entire process, to ensure parents feel safe with us. It is our privilege to be trusted with your child’s care, and we hold that in high regard. 

As a Doula, with a focus on infant feeding, Jennifer may offer support with latching post procedures, assist with positioning, discuss bottle feeding and demonstrate comfort techniques to help soothe an uncomfortable baby. We will go through the post procedure expectations together, ensuring everyone is prepared. 

Families are encouraged to reach out to Jennifer at any time after the procedure is completed with any questions or concerns. Parents are given Jennifer’s contact information and her promise that no question will be ignored. It is our office’s goal that parents see our Office and Team as a safe space. 

As a Doula, Jennifer’s role is to listen, note these differences and take the time to ensure that each family’s care is tailored to their specific needs.


Dr. Timucin Ari DDS, Ph.D, FRCD(C), Ari Pediatric Dentistry


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