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A Hand to Hold When Needed the Most

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky, The larks, still bravely singing, fly, Scarce heard amid the guns below.” – John MacCrae

Did you know the author of “In Flanders Fields” was born in Guelph, Ontario, and studied medicine at the University of Toronto? He was the first Canadian to be appointed consulting surgeon to the British Army, and tended to injured soldiers at the Battle of Ypres. It was after the death of a close friend that he wrote the poem widely known by school children today.

It really hits me in November how unbearable war times must have been, and continue to be, for those on the front lines, and for those left at home. I am joined in my thinking by our most-honest of contributors, Janet Smith, who shares, “I realized that I was avoiding these stories because I literally got sick to my stomach trying to understand what our ancestors endured.” You’ll want to read about her courageous grandfathers, who helped to give us our freedoms. Our most heartfelt thanks go out to those who continue to do it today.

It might be said that our world is currently going through historic times as well. This pandemic has taken lives and changed how we live. Many parents are left questioning how to best take care of the health of their families. We’ve asked an expert to walk you through it. Heather Bywaters is an RN with the Middlesex London Health Unit, and will help you re-establish healthy routines for your baby

We’ll hear also from  family physician, Dr. Bhayana, about the pain of endometriosis. I feel like we all know someone (or maybe you, yourself) who has suffered through this condition (10% of women will experience it during their reproductive years). Find out what it is, and how to treat it, plus some links to much-needed support. 

May this month bring healing to those who are suffering, and joy to families who are going through tough times. Through the magazine and our social media pages, we hope to be a hand you can hold when needed the most.

Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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