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A Labour of Love

Dear Readers, I wish you all peace, health and a wonderful New Year. With January’s arrival, resolutions will surely be made and life will be better for ourselves and those we know and love. With this in mind, we at The Mom and Caregiver are so happy and proud to announce the arrival of a new baby, the second generation of the magazine. Nine months ago, ideas were stirring in my mind. The spirit of creativity was teasing at my soul and change was calling.

I closed my eyes and thought back 19 years in time to when our magazine came into the world. With a smile of gratitude and humility, I remembered holding the magazine for the very first time. It was so small – only two pages– but it was mine! Like all parents, I could feel and envision a great future as long as I provided nurturing and guidance along life’s way. We all want our children to grow into wonderful adults and this is what I wanted for the magazine.  The early years were demanding. I stayed awake many nights to the wee hours writing, editing and making changes. Nine years later I was making changes in the early hours… but then I was changing diapers of my sweet son. Each month, I searched for interesting articles to share with you, my small but growing family of readers.  Even though I worked alone, I never really was, for you were always on my mind.

The magazine grew in size and readership. Over time, I added staff. We developed relationships with so many people and advertisers. Our advertisers and contributors truly care. It’s true when they say “It takes a village” to see growth and improvement. Our village is comprised of good folks like you.

I am thankful and grateful to our assistant editor, copy editor, designers and photographer. Over the years, we’ve featured over 228 children on our cover (all are the son or daughter of a reader)!

Right now, you’re holding the new baby in your hands. We’re now in colour and have embraced digital! The mom online, London Caregivers and The Mom and Caregiver are now under one umbrella.

Thanks to Chapin Studios, a London company. You folks really helped to “deliver the baby.”

Our resolution is to continue to improve and help to make your world a little better. Thank you!

P.S. Did you notice our new logo? Let me know if you saw the parent holding the child!  


Sabina Manji, a lifelong Londoner, is an irrepressible entrepreneur, mother of a wonderful son, and also a committed volunteer.


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