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A Letter to My Future Self

This month we asked each of our Kid Zone authors to choose an age and write a letter to their future selves. Encourage your kids to do the same – how much fun will it be to look back at the letter once they reach that age! Find out more at www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Letter-to-Your-Future-Self.

Dear 20 year old Harrison,

I am 11 years old, currently in grade six at my French Immersion school. I hope you find this interesting because I wonder what it will be like when I’m 20.  I hope when I reach your age I still have my long curly hair because I love it! I can’t manage taking care of my hair without my mom’s help, but I hope I will have mastered it by then. Are you in college or university? I imagine myself in University at Western because I love everything about Western. Right now some of my favourite things to do are playing video games – my favourites are Fortnite and Shell Shockers. I love playing online with my friends. I love to play hockey with my neighbourhood friends and I’m getting pretty good at it. I love soccer and my teammates, because I love to run and I am getting really good at it now. I hope you love sports too – it keeps you healthy and fit in so many ways. I look forward to becoming you.


Dear 40 year old Charlie,

I hope you are happy and healthy. I am in grade six and I do actually like school. Some of my favourite subjects are gym, math and science. I wonder if you still like these things and if you chose a job that uses these skills. Are you married, have kids? I don’t even have a girlfriend yet – mom won’t let me date until I’m 17 (we will see about that). I wonder what the world will be like when I am your age. Will the earth be polluted more than it is now? Will we be living on Mars? I am currently filming a movie. I hope when I am your age that I continue to act because it’s so much fun and you get to meet great people! I hope there will still be polar bears when I am your age and global warming hasn’t put them into extinction. I just saw some polar bears last week. I hope our kids will be able to see them when they are young because they are pretty awesome.  


Charlie and Harrison
Meet 10 year-old twins, Charlie and Harrison, our new Kid Zone writers!
Each month, they’ll be sharing perspectives on life as a child sees it.


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