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A Life’s Work

For anyone, the ability to communicate is to be valued above many things. Vocal tone, song, speech, sign, gestures, facial expressions, and actions differ across cultures and ethnicities, but share a defining characteristic: their complexity and importance are only found in human beings.

So, it’s no wonder that delays or problems in communication are a big deal. They should be. In small children, any setbacks can snowball to affect how they learn from and interact with their parents, teachers, and other kids. In adults, a stroke or a brain injury could impact how they go about so much of their daily business. We all need language, whether spoken, signed, or written. 

I became a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) because I wanted to make this fundamental aspect of humanity my life’s work. So I can understand how the brain works when it hears or reads a story. And how it uses its different parts to piece together words into sentences. And how it uses words to make important decisions. And how it commands all sorts of muscles to create sound and shape that sound into words. 

I also became an SLP to know how to help when things aren’t working like they’re supposed to. To help parents help their late talking toddler. To help kids speak more clearly or stutter less. To help teachers care for their voices. To help brain injury victims think and make decisions. To help grandparents ask for what they need. And SO. MUCH. MORE! 

It’s my life’s work. And I am proud of it. Since opening a private practice in 2014, after years of working and learning in the public service, I’ve been lucky to be able to help so many clients across southern Ontario. I’ve instilled in my professionals the same passion for a keen eye and an understanding heart: To combine our knowledge and professional opinions with the needs of the client and the family. As we begin 2022, we look forward to continuing to bring timely, flexible care to even more communities in London, with the opening of our 5th clinic…in Northridge!

Mohamed (Mo) Oshalla, MHSc.,
Speech-Language Pathologist & Executive Director,
Ontario Speech & Language Services


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