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A Lost Dog’s Lucky Tale

With a huff of winter wind, the gate flew open. Although Monty was over ten years old, he was still a curious pup. He followed his nose through the gate to the front yard, then sauntered down the sidewalk out of sight.

A couple streets over, a neighbour and her young dog were just arriving home from the vet, when a friendly golden retriever approached them. It was Monty! Only, the kind neighbour didn’t know his name, for he was not wearing a collar or leash. All she knew was that this friendly guy needed her help.

Without hesitation, she slipped her own dog’s collar off and placed it on Monty. She wanted to bring him inside, but how could she? Her own dog had just undergone surgery and was on strict orders to rest for ten days. So the kind neighbour did the best next thing; she drove back to her vet!

We were delighted to help solve the mystery. Our veterinary assistant successfully scanned for a microchip and we excitedly contacted the microchip company, only to receive bad news. “It looks like this microchip was registered with the breeder over ten years ago”, the representative said. “Unfortunately, his adoptive family never updated the dog’s profile with their contact information.”

Our hearts sank. We had no way of letting his owners know he had been found! The next step would be to bring him to animal control and hope his family would come looking for him.

But there was one more clue! The microchip company had a note from the breeder containing the last name of the family to whom he’d been sold. Could they have an account with us? It took multiple attempts and alternate spellings, but ping! We finally had a match!

When she called the number on file, our veterinary assistant only had one question: “Is Monty home?” Within minutes, there was an emotional reunion in our front lobby. The whole team came to see Monty off as he happily climbed into the back of the car and stuck his head out the window, unaware of how lucky he was that his little adventure had a happy ending.

With grateful hearts, the reunited family headed home to celebrate Monty’s return… and to go online to update his microchip information.


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