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A Self-Love Story

Attracting romantic love is on my heart for 2023. And yet, before I open the golden gates for a new king’s arrival, the commitment to be in a loving relationship with myself is actually the first priority on my manifestation list.

I’ve been in one relationship since my divorce in 2018. It was a romance novel that I still marvel about on days when I need to remind myself that authentic love is available, because for a while there I was single-lady-jaded. Its foundation was built upon emotional intimacy rather than physical attraction. It was full of kindness, respect, compassion, effective communication and, oh my goodness, the dance between the sheets could have been found in an erotica section.

It wasn’t meant to be forever, but rather a cycle in which I learned about myself and solidified new mature set points of what I need in my next partnership. Although it felt harder to move through that breakup than it did my divorce, I knew deep within my being that it was time to let go.

As I repaired the pieces of my broken heart and had the space to reflect upon why it didn’t work, I had a life altering moment of self-awareness and a humbling realization that I had never been fully happy being alone.

I reminisced upon all the relationships I had throughout my life and humbly understood that I had always bounced from one man to another. I was looking, searching and sometimes settling in partnerships to fulfill what I now realize could never be found in someone else: self-love.

Counting down from ten this year and having no one to kiss, I feel incredibly free. This will be the year I will commit to falling in love with myself first. For I believe if I write my next chapter which isn’t searching for a missing piece but rather feeling whole within my being, the new king who enters into my castle will simply accentuate my life, not complete the story. Oh my, what an intriguing read that shall be!


Lyndsay Campbell is a co-parenting mother of two boys, a Life Transformation Coach and
Reiki Master.


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