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The Importance of a Strong Community for Moms

Mamas go through so many changes throughout their life, from pregnancy to peri-menopause. It can be confusing to understand what’s normal. I’m hoping this article will help guide you to the health-care professionals who are well-suited to address your concerns. As a pelvic health physiotherapist, one of the most common issues I see in mamas, postnatal or peri-menopausal, is an overactive and ticked-off nervous system.

Our health and stress

Research consistently shows us that elevated levels of stress can cause several hormonal changes that disrupt our nervous system. Now, like most mamas, you can’t just “get rid of your stress.” I like to take a different angle. Stress management is not about getting rid of stress, it’s about listening to your body. Our body gives us so many clues about what it needs; we just tend to ignore it until it’s throwing a tantrum.

So, when do we know there’s an issue? Symptoms that we commonly see with hormone dysregulation are sleep disturbances, anxiety, bladder leakage, IBS, headaches and migraines, and pain. Now, going from a ticked-off nervous system into a cool, calm and collected nervous system is no easy task. It takes a holistic approach that aims to address mind, body and soul. Our bodies are interconnected and until we treat at such, these symptoms will continue popping up. 

Women’s pelvic health

So who should you be seeing? Well, that depends on your symptoms. Our pelvic health physiotherapists help mamas restore their bladder, bowel and sexual function through a holistic approach. Our naturopathic doctors help mamas restore their health by supporting their body’s ability to heal itself through a natural, evidence-based approach. Our psychotherapists help mamas navigate and improve their mental and emotional health and well-being. Our dietitian helps mamas create nutritious, wholesome meals for the whole family. Our massage therapist helps mamas wind-down and reset their nervous systems, leaving mamas feeling rejuvenated. 

Our aim is to have mamas feel reconnected, supported and hopeful. When we are a part of a strong mama community, our nervous systems move away from a place of fear and into a space of safety. And that can be life-changing. 

Grecia Alaniz PT, MScPT
Compass Rose Wellness Centre
Director of Physiotherapy


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