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How to Make Medical Appointments Better For Kids

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One step at a time

It sure doesn’t take long for children, especially those with various medical conditions, to develop fears surrounding doctors, health care personnel, and medical offices! Here are some tips to prepare for your little one’s upcoming appointment: 

Schedule Appropriate Appointment Times

 You know when your child eats, sleeps, and gets grumpy. Schedule when your child will have the best chance of being in a good mood. 

Gather the information

If this is your first appointment at Custom Orthotics of London, bring your child’s health care and any relevant medical documents. This includes bringing a prescription, an Assistive Devices Program document (for more information on this program visit our website at www.customorthoticsoflondon.com), and any funding or health insurance information.

Talk them through the details

Most kids don’t enjoy surprises, especially if there are underlying fears from past experiences. Kids understand more than you think so manage their expectations; explain the process or show them a picture of the facility.

Day of the appointment: stay calm

Our little ones watch us all the time so stay calm for your little one! They know when we are uncomfortable or upset.

Keep them entertained

Be try to reduce fears by making our clinic a warm and inviting atmosphere. Most facilities have fish or toys and books to keep kids entertained.

Bring Comfort Items from Home

We all know children have that one blanket or toy they never leave home without. So don’t leave home without it, bring it!

Follow Up With Fun

Give your child a small reward after the visit, but avoid making it an incentive or a negotiating tool. After the visit, go out for ice cream or to a park! Don’t tell them ahead of time or make the trip contingent on good behavior – just go. Lastly, remember we are here to help you! 

At Custom Orthotics of London Inc., we are dedicated to providing our patients with an opportunity to return to their highest level of functionality by developing a treatment plan that meets their unique needs. We believe in earning the trust of our patients, not only by providing the highest quality and leading-edge orthotic care but also by treating each patient and their family with sincere compassion. Keeping You Ahead, One Step at a Time. Contact us at (519) 850-4721




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