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Are We There Yet – Must-see Travel Destinations – Easy All Inclusive Sun-fun in Cuba

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Varadero, Cuba, is the coastal town Canadians flock to because it’s easy, warmer than home and different from the rest of Cuba. The clean, safe and reasonably isolated resort made it easy for my preteen nephews to roam the beach and pool area with minimal supervision.

For one cost (including airport tax), you can get a direct flight from Toronto, hotel, buffet meals and airport transportation making this a reasonably easy sun-filled family March Break getaway. If you haven’t yet ventured to Castro’s homeland, here’s some advice:

  1. Bring your own beach towel. Towels were available at my resort but only certain times and with a deposit. I gave up and bought my own.
  2. Exchange money at the airport. Cuba has two currencies. CUC (convertible peso) is for tourists. CUCs are valued higher than American or Canadian dollars and can only be purchased in Cuba. Resorts will exchange money, but at a high rate.
  3. Bring your own water bottle to fill at the bar with filtered water.
  4. Most hotels are not luxurious – expect college dorm quality with a bathroom.
  5. Topless sun tanning is allowed on the beach.
  6. Food is generally bland, which appeals to most kids. But don’t expect fries or chicken nuggets. Try mango instead.
  7. Take the double-decker bus to a Varadero market. It’s cheap and kids under five are free.

Sherri Telenko is a freelance writer and blogger living in Southern Ontario. Sign up for travel ideas at www.dogtrotting.net or follow her on twitter @SherriTelenko.


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