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Are We There Yet – New Waterfront Children’s Museum, Buffalo, NY

Look up. Way up. See a giant tricycle on the roof? You’re in the right place: The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Children’s Museum along the waterfront in Buffalo, New York. Cultural diversity is the theme in December – a special exhibit of seasonal traditions found across Buffalo decks out the bottom floor ‘Neighbourhood’ level, one of four. Buffalo’s new 43,000 square foot children’s museum gives little ones hands-on learning experiences in seven unique play areas.

It’s easy to spend hours here, especially once your child finds their niche.

First, the floor to ceiling water feature allows kids to manipulate water through the Erie Canal. Second, the sports section, a tribute to the city’s teams, allows active running and ball throwing competitions. Third, the innovation section lets people see the energy they generate by cycling. Building trades, architecture, crafts room, a replica hospital and even food production on the Farm to Folk floor round out all interests.

To find the museum, head to the city’s recently updated waterfront across from the Sabre’s home. Enjoy ice cream along the boardwalk in the summer or skating on the Erie Canal in the winter. Outside the museum, a photo with Shark Girl – a colourful statue of a girl with a shark’s head – is mandatory. So mandatory, it had to be removed months after installation for repainting thanks to so many posing with her. Creepy, but kids love it.

Explore & More Children’s Museum is open during the school year Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Entrance is $12 per person (adults too) and kids under one are free.

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