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Are You Cleaning Your Face Properly?

As we know, the skin is the largest organ in our body, which plays the role of first defense to our body, and helps our systems function the best. 

So how can we protect our skin, especially on our face, to give it an even tone with a healthy glow?

Cleaned skin is essential and vital. Some people might ask “can I wash my face while taking a shower with the same bar of soap.” The answer is NO. First, we need to wash our face twice a day, morning and night before bedtime. Secondly, bar soap contains ingredients with alkalinity that can cause dryness of the skin. The squeaky clean feeling after washing doesn’t mean your skin is clean. Instead, the surface oil has been removed only, and impurities are still staying inside the pores. Bar soap can cause irritations for dry and sensitive skin. Choosing the right facial cleanser is crucial! You can spend big bucks on a famous brand, but if it’s not suitable for your skin type, it is the same as flushing money down the drain, while adding more stress to your skin.

Common facial cleansing mistakes people make are:

  1. Makeup removal wipes: Makeup removal wipes don’t remove makeup. They smudge everything together on your face. Picture using one damp rag to clean a dirty glass table. Pretty gross, right? 
  2. Expecting just a facial cleanser to clean everything off your skin. 
  3. Using water only to clean the skin (also called “skin fasting”).
  4. Following an “influencer” blindly.

The best way to remove makeup is a cleansing oil, which dissolves makeup before using the right type of cleanser to double cleanse the skin. Gently massage for 30 to 60 seconds to increase blood circulation and help active ingredients break down impurities inside pores (this process includes eye makeup).

Facial skin has a turnover cycle. It’s about 28 days when we are young, but gets longer as we age. Skin fasting can cause many issues, such as keratosis, especially to oily and acne-prone skin types.

See a skin care professional. I highly recommend people visit once per month, allowing licensed/certified estheticians to help you look after your skin needs and give you professional skincare advice. At the same time, you’re giving yourself two hours to let someone else pamper you instead!

Remember…Relax, Regenerate, Revitalize.

Lily Seed Owner/Spa Director
Revita Medical Esthetics & Spa


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