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As They Grow – Keep Them Within Arms’ Reach

With the warm weather here, you may be thinking about going in your pool or visiting a local one. While swimming is a great opportunity to cool off and have fun, it’s important to always keep safety in mind.

Why are children under 5 most at risk?

  • They are attracted to water but cannot understand the danger
  • They can walk but they cannot swim
  • Their lungs are smaller than adults’ and fill quickly with water
  • They can drown in as little as one inch of water

What can parents do?

Actively Supervise Children:

Always be within arms’ reach of weak swimmers and those under five years old when they’re near all types of water, including bathtubs.  Avoid distractions (i.e. phone), while around water with your child.

Encourage Children to Wear Lifejackets:

Lifejackets will increase children’s survival time in case they fall into the water.

Put Children in Swimming Programs and Lessons:

Swimming lessons have been shown to be a protective factor in children over four years old.  Introducing younger children to water will build water confidence, and teach water safety to parents and guardians.

Take a First Aid and CPR Course:

Parents and pool owners should have First Aid and CPR training, in the event that an emergency does happen.

Check Your Backyard for Other Risks:

Other backyard drowning hazards that are often overlooked include, ponds, fountains, hot tubs, “kiddie” pools, and ditches.

For more information please visit https://www.healthunit.com/safety-water


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