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August Birthstone: The Legend of Peridot


Peridot, the birthstone for August was known in ancient Roman times as the “Evening Emerald”. Peridot is associated with the sun and has been prized since the earliest civilizations for its protective powers to drive away from the forces of darkness.

Peridot is the only gem other than a diamond that is born from fire. Formed not in the Earth’s crust, but in the molten rocks of the upper mantle (approximately 200 km beneath the Earth’s surface) created by volcanoes and earthquakes. Peridot has even been found in meteors that fall to earth. 

Peridot (pronounced pair-uh-doe) is the gem form of Olivine. While Olivine is an abundant mineral, gem-quality Peridot is rather rare, especially in larger stones. It varies from bright yellow-green, lime, or pure green, to deep olive or brownish-green; the most valued being a dark olive-green. It occurs for the most part as an eye-clean gem and is typically faceted. 

Because Peridot is sensitive to rapid changes in temperature, do not steam clean or ultrasonic Peridot jewellery. 

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