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Expert Baby Feeding Tips

Deciding how to feed your baby is one of many emotionally charged topics involved in parenting. Everyone has an opinion about what a new parent should or shouldn’t do.

Making an informed decision about how to feed your baby is most important. Do some reading before your baby arrives. Take time to think about what would be best for you and your baby in your current situation. Although there is no substitute for a real newborn, preparation will help build your confidence and assist you to problem-solve through any future challenges. Partners and other support people can also become knowledgeable, so they are better able to help. Only you can decide whether breastfeeding, an alternative feeding method or a combination of the two are right for your family. Remember, especially in the early days, it is often possible to change your mind as circumstances evolve.

What do I do if I need help?

  • As soon as your baby is born (if possible), put your baby skin to skin on your bare chest. Partners can do this too and there are benefits to this beyond breastfeeding.
  • Ask lots of questions of your midwife or the nurses who care for you in the hospital. They have all been trained to offer you support.
  • If you have your baby in the hospital, a public health nurse will speak with you. She will give you a phone number to call, 519-663-5317 (during regular business hours), so you can speak to a nurse whenever you have concerns. She may ask for your consent for a public health nurse to call you when you get home. The public health nurse will assess your feeding situation, and you may even be eligible for home visit(s). If you are missed in the hospital, make sure you call 519-663-5317 for help as soon as possible.
  • Check out the breastfeeding section of the Middlesex-London Health Unit website. https://www.healthunit.com/breastfeeding

There you will find information and resources about numerous Breastfeeding Topics, Breastfeeding Videos, tips for Getting Started and strategies to deal with Common Concerns.

Congratulations and let’s be in touch!

Heather Bywaters RN PHN
Middlesex-London Health Unit
For the Middlesex-London Community Early Years Partnership


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