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Beauty and Wellness – Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Love your morning workout but always feel rushed to get ready for work? Here are some of my favourite beauty essentials to keep in your gym bag for quick glam on-the-go:

Clean Up – No time for a quick rinse? Cleansing wipes are a must-have for removing sweat and impurities from the face and body. Look for brands that contain moisturizing ingredients to soothe while cleansing as skin tends to be more sensitive after working out. These are great to use from head-to-toe!

Freshen Up – Dry shampoo is amazing for soaking up excess oils and neutralizing odour. Most formulas add texture to the hair as well, giving instant volume where you need it most. Available in both powder and spray formulas, simply apply or mist into hair, focusing on the root area, and brush through.

Makeup – For glam on the go, I always recommend sticking to the staples. A lightweight foundation, mascara, bronzer or blush, and lip gloss. For the face, look for formulas that are easy to apply and blend into skin. I love tinted creams or mineral powders for effortless coverage. An all-in-one blush and bronzer are great to add just the right amount of colour. An ultra-lush mascara is perfect to play up eyes without the extras. And a bright or neutral lip gloss finishes the look.

Dress Up – Keep your outfit on the lighter side to allow your body temperature to cool down naturally. Overdressing after a vigorous workout can cause the body to heat up, and can irritate  skin as your pores need to breathe. For a pretty yet professional look, opt for a one-piece or a lightweight dress that you can easily layer.

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