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Beauty & Wellness: Growing & Glowing

Growing & Glowing

It’s no secret that during pregnancy, it feels as if everything about us is chang- ing at once. Here are a few mommy-tips to feel your best and stay glowing while growing.

Take it all off…your makeup that is. Proper skin care is vital during pregnancy as our skin is far more sensitive. Find a skincare line and regimen that is simple and effective so that on the days where you feel as though you are sleepwalking, you’re still motivated to clean and care for your skin. Another great option is to keep cleansing towelettes in your night table for quick cleaning. This way you’ll always wake up fresh-faced no matter how pooped you are the night before.

Get glowing

Our bodies need extra TLC during this time of growth and change. Make it a dai- ly ritual to lather on your favourite body cream from head to toe, focusing on the midsection, thigh and buttocks area to prevent stretch marks and keep skin firm and hydrated. One of my favourite, inex- pensive body treatments is Coconut Oil. A little goes a long way, and it’s packed with beneficial properties that go beyond the delicious glow.

Fuel your body

Keep it clean and green. Water is so cru- cial during this time, as well as fuelling up on fruits and veggies to ensure your body is receiving all of the vitamins and antioxidants possible. One of my favourite plan and prep tricks is to pre-prepare smoothie bags with all of the good stuff. Smoothies are filling, super nutritious, and help to curve cravings.

Stay Active

There is no denying that exhaustion is a big part of the pregnancy experience; however, moderate exercise is a great way to keep energy levels up and your body and mind in shape. Whether you are a novice or advanced in the fitness department, find ways to get moving ev- ery day. Go for walks and take in nature’s beauty. Try yoga for relaxing movements. Or stick to lighter weights to maintain strength and stamina.

Stay beYOUtiful!

Lisa Aquilina is the founder of Stilettos and a Stroller and creator and Editor-in-Chief of Women with Ambition™️Magazine.


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