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Beauty & Wellness: Stress Busters



Parenting is all about the juggling-act and stress is definitely part of the equation. It’s also a massive contributor to premature aging that affects us both physically and emotionally. Here are a few helpful tips to keep stress at bay and gbeauty at its best.

Clean and clear Water is one of the best natural beauty elixirs that offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond skin deep. By consuming an adequate amount of H20, you will nat- urally flush out toxins in the body that contribute to problematic skin, brittle hair, poor digestion, fatigue, fogginess, and headaches. Make an effort to con- sume more water daily, and you will not only see the benefits, but you will also immediately feel them too.

Get your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is essential for repairing the skin. Our mind, body, and soul all need time to replenish during a good night’s sleep. If you want your skin and hair to look younger and healthier, and feel far more energized during the day, it’s time to adopt better nighttime habits and put the “to-do” list to bed too!

Give yourself a “time-out”

Kids aren’t the only ones who need to stop and settle down. When busy sched- ules are getting the best of you, permit yourself to take a 10-15 minute break to step back and breathe. Almost every- thing will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.

Treat yourself

Every now and again it’s important to treat yourself to the spa or indulge in a little luxury to relax and recharge. That is what beauty and wellness are all about – taking time to pamper yourself from head to toe while quieting your mind and relieve stress.

Little changes can create big results. Start by incorporating one beauty and wellness ritual at a time – your future-self will thank you for it!

Lisa Aquilina is the founder of Stilettos and a Stroller and creator and Editor-in-Chief of Women with Ambition™️Magazine.


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