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Become the CEO of your Health!

Did you know the month of February is National Preventative Health Awareness month? This is a new movement that was created in 2023 by the Wallis for Wellness organization with the goal of providing every Canadian with effective and easy to implement tools and education to “become the CEO of their health”! 

Unfortunately, society and our healthcare system are very reactionary. By taking proactive measures, the risk of developing chronic diseases could be lowered. Preventative health measures include things like making healthy lifestyle choices, taking care of your mental health, getting enough sleep and identifying risk factors for diseases and disorders. 

Orthotists at Custom Orthotics of London see clients for a variety of heath conditions. In the realm of diabetic care, one often overlooked yet critical aspect is foot health. Custom foot orthotics are indispensable tools in preventing diabetic sores and ulcers, significantly reducing the risk of severe complications. 

For individuals living with diabetes, foot care extends far beyond comfort; it’s a matter of safeguarding against potential life-altering complications. Neuropathy and reduced blood circulation are common side effects of diabetes, making the feet particularly vulnerable to injuries that might go unnoticed due to decreased sensation. These seemingly minor injuries can escalate into chronic ulcers or sores, presenting a pathway to severe infections or, in severe cases, amputations. 

Custom foot orthotics play a pivotal role in diabetes care by providing personalized support and protection while walking and standing. These orthotics are tailor-made to address the specific contours of an individual’s feet, alleviating pressure points and redistributing weight evenly. By doing so, they mitigate the risks posed by friction and pressure, which are primary catalysts for the development of sores or ulcers in diabetic feet. The significance of these orthotics extends beyond immediate relief; they empower individuals to maintain an active lifestyle, reducing the likelihood of further complications. 

During National Preventative Health Awareness month, remember that custom foot orthotics play a pivotal role in diabetic foot care. Investing in these personalized orthotics is not merely a choice but a proactive step towards preserving foot health, averting potential complications, and nurturing an enhanced quality of life. 

For more examples and information on how an orthotist can provide preventative health awareness to improve your overall health, please contact our office and book a consultation with one of our orthotist today!


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