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“Nothing about being a woman, mom and entrepreneur restricts my vision for what is possible in my life. In fact, it has turned me into the evidence to teach and eradicate sacrificial living for women all over the world.” 

Early on in motherhood, Jen Szpigiel left her thriving corporate career because she bought into the story that she would not be the present and exceptional mom she desired to be while also climbing the corporate ladder. She had never been exposed to a high achieving woman who was also fulfilled in her life and relationships. “It seemed like we had an impossible choice. Choose your family or choose your personal mission, but you can’t choose both. Many of us actively participated in this narrative and severed ties to a part of what makes us whole. Our identity as a woman, a mom and a contributor to the world through our God-given gifts and talents became competing desires versus the ingredients to becoming the version of ourselves we deeply yearn to reveal.”, says Jen. 

Today, as a mom of four children, a mentor to thousands of women entrepreneurs globally, a top podcast host, the CEO of a marketing agency as well as publisher of her own global magazine, she has become the example for so many that our capacity is infinite and abundance is our birthright. 

She is asked all the time “How do you do it all?” The answer is simple. She loves it all. Yet she also has an executive team supporting her, a partner who is her rock, and an unwavering belief in trusting that she/we get to have it all. She buys into the “and” life and will not tolerate or entertain anything less. 

“Through my own experience and witnessing so many other women live their multidimensional and multi-passionate lives, what I know to be true is that a woman who is aligned to her whole purpose and gives herself permission to see the fullness of herself is unstoppable!”



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