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Beyond Talk Therapy with Di Riseborough

Di Riseborough is a Registered Psychotherapist, specializing in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Energy Psychology and Integral Breath Therapy. Galvanized by her own journey, she opened her London area practice over 10 years ago and created a safe space to guide clients deeper into their therapeutic work.

Her approach is multi-faceted and experiential, which means she goes beyond talk therapy to more somatic practices that get people out of their heads and into their bodies. 

“Your mind doesn’t want you to heal. Over time it’s learned ways to keep you safe…and stuck. Your body never lies. Trauma, pain and emotional triggers don’t sit in the head, they are found in the body. And when we access these traumas and triggers through the body, we can begin the healing process which happens at a deep subconscious level. Listening to the body’s wisdom allows for healing and releasing of old pain, bringing insight, clarity and confidence in life choices. “

One of the few practitioners to bring Integral Breath Therapy (IBT) to Canada, Di has seen profound healing in her clients. IBT is a profound tool for transformation, integration and healing on all levels of being: body, mind and spirit. It is a simple and safe practice, incorporating circular, connected breathing patterns that activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness not easily accessed through traditional talk therapy.

The awareness of our stories and belief systems and how they affect our lives is crucial to creating a future that is different from the past.

The varied tools that Di employs serve the same end: to help you gain deeper mastery of your own inborn power and wisdom and to help you re-connect to your life as fully as possible. By integrating the different aspects of your life and beginning to trust your own knowledge of Self, you once again create balance and harmony in your life that encourages positive healing.

Starting therapy takes courage, and can be a significant moment in one’s life. Therapy is not limited to times of difficulty or stress; it can also be a valuable tool for personal growth and development.


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