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Function does not always come as a top priority for fashion designers. They strive for beauty and esthetics over ensuring universal usability. Companies usually try to ensure they cater to a specific subset of a population and less so for everyone to wear their products. 

Dexterity, mental ability, physical ability or bracing are only some of the limiting factors that can inhibit someone from being able to put on “normal” footwear. BILLY Footwear has come up with a product which takes into account fashion AND function. Their company focus is creating footwear that “embodies universal design, meaning they appeal to and work for everyone”. Billy footwear created a shoe that is put on and off using a zipper as the closure instead of velcro/laces. The zipper runs along the side of the shoe and around the toe allowing the upper portion of the shoe to open and fold over. This allows the individual to place their foot in the foot bed without having to force their foot into the shoe. With a simple pull of the zipper the shoe closes over the foot. This is great for an individual young or old, who struggles to physically put on their shoe due to dexterity, strength, cognition or any other reason. In addition, this is a great option for those individuals who wear an orthosis or brace and have challenges finding shoes that fit over top of their braces. 

There are many designs available, ranging from athletic/running shoes, casual shoes (similar to Vans or high tops) and boots (rain boots, UGG style, Timberland style and winter boot style). If you have any questions or concerns regarding these shoes, or if you are interested in ordering a pair, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. We can help size you for the perfect pair and show you all the options available. BILLY Footwear is “Making a measurable difference in the world, one foot at a time.”


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