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Bird Feeding for Beginners

Feeding our backyard birds is not only beneficial for them and the environment, but it can bring us so much pleasure as well! Birds are fun, quirky and extremely entertaining.  During COVID, there was a notable increase in those who started bird watching, as well as feeding. With being home, confined to our houses and backyards (and balconies), many of us took up a new hobby and found so much enjoyment in such a simple activity.

Choosing a bird feeder can feel overwhelming, as there are many factors to consider – location, types of birds you want to attract, style of feeder, where you want to hang it, and more. To keep it simple, we often recommend starting with a general seed feeder, and if you have any squirrels at all, a Brome Squirrel Buster is always the best choice! They are Canadian, come with a lifetime warranty, and are a safe and friendly way of keeping squirrels from eating all of your bird seed.

Picking the right seed for your birds doesn’t have to be complicated. The most important things you want to consider are quality/freshness and types of birds you are attracting. Sometimes seed blends use filler, such as seed that birds don’t actually eat, so looking for a blend that has no fillers and is non-GMO is important. Because we have such a variety of wild birds in London and Southern Ontario, a blend of seeds is a great option to appeal to them all. If you don’t like the mess from empty shells or weeds popping up from dropped seed, look for an option that is already shelled and non-germinating, like our ‘Garden Friendly’ blend.

Lastly, water sources such as birdbaths and fountains are extremely beneficial to backyard birds. They not only provide birds with a source of water to drink, but give them somewhere to bathe.

There are many specifics that make for effective bird feeding, and it can feel daunting in the beginning.  Speaking to a knowledgeable staff member will help simplify things, as they can answer any questions and guide you in the right direction! 


Ashley Satchell, owner, Featherfields


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