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Biz Showcase – Beachcomber London

Jeff McColl started out building above ground pools and servicing hot tubs in 1995. In 1997 he was joined by his Dad to take on the Beachcomber line of hot tubs. They started out very small, but believed from the start that looking after customers, and finding solutions to any issues they had (even if the product wasn’t purchased from them) made for lifelong customers and referrals to friends.

This philosophy has worked, and allowed Beachcomber London to continue to grow and expand over the years. Their very knowledgeable staff continues to educate customers and to find proper solutions for them. Eight years ago, when Jeff’s father retired, Jeremy Slemko (who started as a service technician) became a partner in the business. At that same time, they were able to move their store to a larger location where they are able to provide more products and parts to better service customers.

At Beachcomber London, they only carry products that they would have in their own backyards, so they make sure they personally test everything they sell. Their main focus is still Beachcomber Hot Tubs sales and service, but they now can look after all of your pool needs as well, from service and maintenance to liners, equipment, chemicals and accessories. They carry a wide variety of gazebos and saunas, as well as some exclusive lines of barbeques and smokers. Their grills are very unique in that they produce food that has better taste and is never dried out. They make sure to carry as much Canadian or North American product as they can, and they carry products that have the best warranties and parts availability so that it is easy for them to provide that after-sale service.

Along with that, Beachcomber London carries sauces, rubs, high end charcoal, and Yeti coolers to keep your food and drinks cold or warm. It is worth a trip to the store to see all of their products first hand, and most products have a try-before-you-buy option, as well as full money back guarantees to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchases.


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