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Biz Showcase: Bellies2Babies

Imagine what it would be like for you and your partner to feel more confident going into labour knowing that you have the most supportive team possible? Meet the wonderful ladies of Bellies2Babies. Lindsay and Erika have over 20 years combined experience supporting families in their  transformative journeys from Belly to Baby…and Beyond.

They provide their clients with judgement free support and education, creating a safe space for them  to discover their own way through the birth process. They are beside you, helping you achieve a birth where decisions are made from a place of informed consent, and they are there for you should your plan change. After baby arrives, their support continues by empowering you in your choices while building your confidence to discover your own parenting style.

They offer bundled services to suit your needs; from prenatal or postpartum support to a full  packages including 6 months of support. Having bumps with feeding or experiencing difficulties adjusting to new roles? They understand and are here to help! Looking for tips and tricks to help with  sleeplessness? They appreciate that every child and family is different; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. They have countless ideas to help!

Always anticipating the needs of new families, Lindsay brought placenta encapsulation to the area 9 years ago and since then has developed a reputation as the most trusted provider of this service. Erika brings her experience as a “mom  of twins” offering London’s first prenatal class for parents-to-be of multiples. Bellies2Babies also owns the largest fleet of rental birth pools; all you need to do is add water!

Whether this is your first baby or you are an experienced parent, Lindsay and Erika can help you define the individualized birth experience you want and support you in getting there, every step of the way.


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