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Biz Showcase – Children’s Author Jennifer Renieris/JLW

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.”

– Winnie the Pooh


How has this moment in history shaped you?

An instance that shifts our perspective in such a profound way urges us to forge a new path. It was while struggling with debilitating anxiety that author Jennifer Renieris/JLW experienced such an ‘aha’ moment. A hawk landed in her yard, and the symbolism of this simple moment shifted her perspective on life, providing the inspiration for her first children’s book, Hawk Eyes.


Jennifer gives parents and children a fresh new approach in learning, empowering life-long messages and tools. Through relatable scenarios using characteristics from animals in nature, she transforms everyday moments into relatable teaching moments, making her stories a favourite for parents and educators.


In Hawk Eyes, using the symbolism of a hawk flying up high, seeing a bigger picture, young Lulu is learning that she always has a choice. If she changes the way she looks at a situation, that can change what she sees, and in turn, can change how she feels. Perspective is powerful. Most especially during our present historical reality and in aiding with the anxieties that have come with it.


What am I teaching? What am I learning?


Book two, ‘A Buck and a Puck’ was written to give us and our children pause before reacting. To show kindness when we are frustrated shows how strong we really are. Using the symbolism of a buck, who is strong yet graceful, along with the sport of hockey, this book shares many empowering tools including

kindness, sportsmanship and perseverance.


Jennifer’s third book, ‘My Fine Feathers’, will be out later this year. Using the Scarlet Macaw as her feature creature, My Fine Feathers encourages us to embrace our everyday uniqueness that shines from within. The macaw’s bright primary colours scream at us to be unapologetically bold and beautiful just as we are.


Beautifully illustrated, Jennifer’s characters fly off the page through vivid, bright and humorous illustrations. These books are a must-read for families!


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