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Biz Showcase – Custom Orthotics of London

As a child, Dawn MacArthur Turner observed her quadriplegic grandfather experience significant obstacles. It fostered a desire to help physically challenged individuals. In 1987, following this passion, Custom Orthotics of London Inc (COOL) was founded.  It is a private orthotic facility that provides custom orthopaedic devices and solutions for children and adults in London and Southwestern Ontario. Thirty-five years later, they have expanded and still love working with children and adults, providing opportunities to help clients return to their highest potential. “Keeping you ahead, one step at a time.” They feel  fortunate to be able to positively affect a person’s life by offering a wide range of services including lower, upper extremity and spinal orthotic care. Custom Orthotics of London also specializes in cranial remodelling; helmets for cranial asymmetry, specifically plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome”.


Their care begins with compassion. They take into account the goals of the family, in addition to the goals of the referring physician and certified orthotist.  Their focus is serving clients in ways that go above and beyond expectations, achieving the best possible outcomes, and focusing on family centered care.  Staying up to date on the latest casting, 3-D scanning and manufacturing techniques ensures the best patient care is given to every individual who walks through their door.


Custom Orthotics of London understands how difficult and scary overcoming challenges may be for a family, so they have designed their facility to be an inviting and warm environment for families. Their large, accessible client rooms make it easy for wheelchairs, strollers and large families to fit in the rooms, so all can be included throughout the assessment.  At their office, they allow the children to take part in the process, whether it is playing with toys, or with child-friendly shows for siblings to be entertained.   They encourage each child’s individuality, allowing them to choose the transfer pattern and/or color for their brace.   This encourages ownership, and makes children want to wear and accept their braces.   The experience is more exciting and fun for all!


The opportunity to be entrusted with their client’s life and personal challenges is truly an honour for Custom Orthotics of London.



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