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Biz Showcase – Fern Speech and Language Services

Did you know that one in ten children will have difficulty with the development of speech sounds, language skills, literacy skills or social skills? Early speech and language intervention can reduce difficulties with behavior, and can promote the development of academic skills, including the skills required for reading and writing. Fostering good communication from an early age can support the social skills required for making and keeping friends.

As a small private practice, Fern Speech and Language services offers timely and flexible services based on each individual family’s needs. At Fern Speech and Language Services, you will experience a positive and fun learning environment. Your child’s speech-language pathologist will become a valuable partner in ensuring your child’s speech, language, literacy, and social skills develop to his/her potential. Each aspect of the assessment and therapy will be explained and discussed with you so that learning can be fostered at home, at school, and in the community.

Elizabeth Skirving, Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist, and Andrea Jennings, Speech-Language Pathologist have extensive experience in the areas of speech and language development, fluency, motor speech, literacy skills, academic skills, social skills, and concussion and brain injury rehabilitation. Clients of Fern Speech and Language Services have access to evidence-based assessments, intervention, and resources.

Following an assessment, Elizabeth and Andrea will provide a report that may be shared with your child’s pediatrician, and they will work with other professionals in the community to help ensure your child’s success. At every session, Elizabeth and Andrea are available to answer questions, and to offer supportive suggestions and advice.

Intervention services include one-to-one sessions with your child for the development of speech sounds, vocabulary and language, literacy skills, social skills and self-regulation skills. Additionally group intervention programs are offered, including: caregiver and baby play groups, caregiver communication training sessions, baby and toddler book clubs, and early literacy reading programs. Social communication groups are offered in collaboration with our partners at Learning to Connect.

Children’s communication skills form the foundation to their future social, emotional, and academic growth. Do you have questions about your child’s speech and language development? Contact Fern Speech and Language Services for a complimentary consultation.


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