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Biz Showcase – Grand Avenue Children’s Centre

In 1989, Old South London welcomed Grand Avenue Children’s Centre into its community and neighbourhood.

Grand Avenue Children’s Centre, a small non-profit child care centre licensed by the Ministry of Education, is just minutes before entering the city’s core. They have cared for hundreds of children aged three months to four years over the past 30 years.

Their philosophy is that the early years sets the foundation for establishing and nurturing the health, safety and well being of children. They are committed to providing the highest standards of care for children, family and the community.

Grand Avenue Children’s Centre is grateful to employ a warm and nurturing team of Registered Early Childhood Educators for their program, all with unique talents that they bring to the centre. The team prides itself on its low turnover and commitment to children and the centre.

“We are honoured that we have such a close relationship with our friends at Grand Wood Park Seniors Residence and Apartments and that we have been able to collaborate in building a very unique and enjoyable Intergenerational program based on music, movement and art. The relationships that are built between the children and the residences are meaningful and create a wonderful sense of belonging.”

“Our neighbourhood is a great participator in our program, with walks to our neighbourhood library, staff volunteering for our neighbourhood elementary school fun fair, and our own parent engagement evenings where local families interact with one another while enjoying their children through learning experiences and playful fun. The children also enjoy learning about the community with fun field trips to the apple orchard, children’s museum and other exciting learning venues in the city. The children especially love the school bus ride to and from these locations.”

Grand Avenue welcomes all families to their inclusive centre – please just give them a call or email. They would enjoy getting to know you and help you with your child care needs.

It is like Winnie the Pooh says: ”Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart”.


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