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Biz Showcase – HUGO & Co.

HUGO & Co. is an interior design + downsizing and move management company that specializes in working with seniors and people with dementia as they transition homes, ensuring that their new space looks and feels like home.

The idea to blend her background in design with downsizing and transitioning seniors came to HUGO & Co. founder Monica de Wit as she helped move, clear out and prepare her elderly relatives’ house for sale. “There was really no one servicing seniors in this way – being the one stop shop – someone to pack and move them, organize, set up and decorate their new home, and then disperse of the contents, prepare and stage their old house for sale.” And from that HUGO & Co. was born – a company committed to overseeing every detail of the transition from start to finish – with a designer’s eye. “Sometimes we are buying all new furniture for clients, and sometimes we are selecting from their existing pieces what will work in their new space. We do a lot of space planning and floor plans for our downsizing clients so that when our moving team comes, they know exactly what to take and where it’s going – it saves a lot of time and angst on moving day.”

HUGO & Co. also specializes in design for dementia and Alzheimer’s care. This is when room duplication and design psychology become very important and essential to making the transition into a care facility a smooth one. “We work with the powers of attorney or the children of the elderly person and create a transition plan which often involves us packing up and moving mom or dad and duplicating their room in their new home within a few hours – complete with pictures and familiar objects where they should be.”

HUGO & Co. also works on designing interior spaces for dementia care residences and is currently working on the third dementia care build for Highview Residences opening in Kitchener in October 2019.

For more information: www.hugoandcompany.com, hello@hugoandcompany.com or call 844-511-4846.


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