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Biz Showcase: Junction

Biz Showcase: Junction

Climbing is one of the most natural forms of play. It really only has one rule–get to the top. Children instinctively love climbing. It provides an immediate sense of accomplishment, unavailable in most sports. It is also remarkable because it is one of the few activities where all participants can have an equally good time at almost any age, ability, or experience. The Junction Climbing Centre has dozens of climbs set at levels from extreme beginner to absolute expert. Each person attending finds the climb that matches their ability, whatever their age or experience. Everyone leaves equally tired. Unlike many activities, parents are able to participate completely alongside their children.


The Junction Climbing Centre is London’s only full climbing gym – it offers climbing in all of its major forms: bouldering, routes, and lead. Indoor climbing’s major feature is that the routes are constantly being updated, new challenges are available every visit.

Getting started is as simple as coming down to the Junction. Once the safety waiver is signed, which you can now conveniently do online at junctionclimbing.com before you come, you can get climbing! After you arrive, our staff will do an orientation to the different kinds of climbing and the automatic belay systems. The automatic belay system does require a minimum weight of 35 lbs, which means children under 3 are not always able to participate, though they are welcome to hang out with us and watch.

Those looking to be more involved can learn rope belaying through our top rope class, advance their climbing abilities through our skills program, spend time with their child through our new Parents and Tot’s class, or sign up their youth for our 10-week session. We also offer memberships and 10 passes to those who love climbing and want to do it as much as possible.

Check out our website or give us a call to find out how to get started!


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