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Biz Showcase – Lotus Health & Wellness

Lotus Health & Wellness was created by local Londoner Kelly Gallagher, M.Ed after a number of years of personal experience with various fitness programs and health and wellness services. She spent many years as an educator in addition to working with a variety of people who wanted to improve their lifestyle and overall health and wellness.  Her own health, wellness and longevity goals led her to create personalized programming for individuals wanting a full and vibrant life.


As a working mother, she really gets the challenges, effort and problem-solving that go into staying in good shape.  “I developed my programming to keep on track for my own personal use” she laughs. “If not for the programs I’m positive I wouldn’t eat healthy at all!  I’ve made all of the mistakes in the past and used to struggle to keep in shape because of them,” she says.  Working with a number of health and fitness professionals, Lotus Health & Wellness provides personalized programming designed to guide you through developing the proper mindset to support healthy eating and fitness.  Most people want to live their best and healthiest lives, but when faced with barriers such as raising a young family, careers and finding the energy to fit it all in, a lot give up on their health and wellness goals before achieving them.


Factoring in daily challenges such as building a positive mindset, in addition to addressing how to achieve significant weight loss, more time or elimination of chronic pain, Lotus Health and Wellness builds customizable programming that works for you. Once you’ve had your free initial assessment a customized and time-flexible program is developed and you are able to choose from a number of programs including one week, six week and twelve week blocks of supportive coaching. Informed and relevant content, meal plans, recipes (family friendly too) and one-one or small group coaching are also available.


Lotus Health &Wellness also offers a unique anti-ageing program focused on the same programs listed above in addition to other supplemental services.  How you move your body, and what you eat should be as unique as you are!


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