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Biz Showcase – Sharing Seeds of Kindness children’s book

Has your child ever felt like they didn’t matter, or that they were stupid or weird, and that no one liked them? If your child has ever experienced bullying, racism or discrimination, I believe the answer to this question is “yes”. ​A child’s journey through life should be filled with love, laughter, hope, joy, peace and big dreams, but unfortunately hurtful words spoken by others can lead to isolation and loneliness. ​


Sharing Seeds of Kindness is a book that encourages children to believe in themselves and realize how valuable they are. It is Kathy Matesic’s hope that this book will also create meaningful conversations within families about bullying, racism, discrimination, secrets and how to be kind to others. Come join Sarah, Min and Jackson on a journey that brings hope and kindness to the world around them.


The story: 

Sarah, Min and Jackson are friends who enjoy being in the 2nd grade. Until one day something happens that causes their smiles to turn into sadness. Sarah and Min are bullied on the way home from school. Not wanting to tell their families or return to school, they decide to keep it a secret. Eventually the truth comes out.


As their families and friends gather around them, they try to find ways to help Sarah and Min overcome the bullying. Then something unexpected happens that helps the girls restore their faith in mankind!


You can purchase Sharing Seeds of Kindness on Amazon in English, Croatian, Chinese (Mandarin), French Canadian, Greek, Russian and Spanish. If you live in the London/St Thomas, Ontario area, please email Kathy for book orders at sharingseedsofkindness@hotmail.com. If you would like Kathy to come speak at an event (church/school/fundraiser), please also send her an email.


Kathy’s desire is to bring light into a child’s world. She believes there are millions of good, kindhearted people around the world who do this every day. Her passion is to help children see the good in themselves and to be a voice against bullying, racism and discrimination (all of which she has experienced). Visit her at www.sharingseedsofkindnesschildrensbook.wordpress.com.



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