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Biz Showcase: Shop Local Perks London

We empower local business owners and drive traffic through their doors!

Local businesses are the fabric of our cities. Local busi- ness owners live, play and more importantly shop in our communities. Therefore, supporting and shopping local, and keeping the money in our community, is vital. Shop Local Perks offers shoppers exclusive savings on food, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and more in exchange for supporting local businesses in your community.

Shop Local Perks is a London based company founded by close friends that all own individual businesses in the marketing, design, development and customer en- gagement industries. Jay Abbott, Erin Goris and Shane Harrison set a mission to develop an exciting and pow- erful mobile loyalty program that would give customers instant perks, while at the same time making sure the merchants maintain control of the perks program, al- lowing them to react to the market.

“We have built a perks platform that empowers local business owners with a customized and engaging tool without the large expense they would have otherwise had to invest to build”, says Shane Harrison, Director of Sales. “Our goal is to encourage more local spending and drive traffic through our Merchant’s doors where they can engage long term, Loyal Customers.”

“We personally know so many local businesses… friends and family that have started local businesses… some that have done very well and some that have struggled”, says Jay Abbott, President of Shop Local Perks. “We have now developed a tool that levels the playing field for these small businesses to be able to compete against big box stores.”

To find out how you can receive exclusive Perks from Lo- cal Businesses visit www.london.shoplocalperks.com.

If you are a locally owned business and would like to learn more on how to become involved with Shop Local Perks, email Shane Harrison at shane@shoplocalperks. com.


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