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Biz Showcase: Spa Asiana

“I can still remember sitting on a bench at Masonville Mall with my young kids, staring at the spa. My dream was to one day open a beautiful spa like that, and I knew if I believed it and manifested it, it would come true. If I really want something, it doesn’t matter if I’m lacking sleep or working my fingers to the bone, I will make it happen.”

Sukh Grewal moved to Canada from India in 2001 with a Masters in Political Science and Economics, but she was looking for a passion. She began doing spa treatments for friends as a hobby from home– they would sit in one of her dining room chairs. Even when she had her babies, she was back at it with a four day old at her side.

Fast forward to present day, where Sukh has been the proud owner of the beautiful Spa Asiana for 12 years! Their quest is to give you rejuvenation, relaxation, and spiritual renewal while providing top quality skin care and esthetic services. They use 100% natural botanicals and herbal products – health, beauty, and happiness shouldn’t come from a laboratory! They’re especially proud to offer Venus Velocity laser hair removal, Venus Versa for body contouring and acne treatment, and 3D iBrow Microblading (people call Sukh the “brow queen”).

At Spa Asiana, they take their time with each client. “I’m a perfectionist who won’t stop until I’m satisfied, even if it means going overtime. I’m also a straight-shooter who won’t give you the run-around about your skin. I will go to all lengths to find what’s right for each individual. My motto? If I’m not happy, how will I make others feel happy about themselves?” says Sukh.

So if you’re looking for a top-ranked spa experience (Spa Asiana was ranked as a top day spa in London by yocale.com) from a passionate woman who makes you feel like you’re spending time with a sister or friend, this is the place for you! Call Sukh and staff today for an appointment. Plus check their website often for special deals and offers – www.spaasiana.com.


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