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Biz Showcase: YMCA Child Care

Life’s busy. You’re always on the go and juggling so many priorities at home and at work. Enter your first little one or a new addition to the family and you’re busier than you ever imagined.

At the Y, we know that all parents need great parenting partners.

Trusting your child with a caregiver who’s not you is a big deal. For them and for you. At YMCA Child Care, we’re the partner that parents in the region have been counting on, for the last five decades and running.

With 17 bright, modern facilities in convenient locations across the region, our centres are filled with high quality registered childhood educators who know what it takes to be the next best caregiver to mom and dad. Warm, caring, and dedicated, our staff have a passion for nurturing your child’s potential.

The YMCA’s Playing to Learn curriculum is Ministry-ap- proved and focuses on growing your child’s curiosity and development in the most natural way possible… through play! Playing to Learn activities and playscapes always incorporate the foundations of language and literacy, math and sciences, and the creative arts, providing endless opportunities for your child to actively explore and learn to become a self-directed problem solver, all while developing an excitement for learning. Our programs and centres are designed to allow your child to participate in independent or small group play, while YMCA educators support their learning along the way.

That means your child will experience joyful, enrich- ing moments filled with opportunities for learning and discovery. All day, every day.

YMCA Child Care is the best place for them to be when they’re not with you. Get in touch to learn more about which Centre is the right fit for you and your family.


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