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A founder and president of BlueKey Design+Build, Ed Sater identified a need within the industry for a more hands-on approach. More accountability, more integrity, and a great deal more transparency was needed. “I spent many years in the industry holding very prestigious positions with a large corporation only to find myself with little to no voice as to the overall direction of the corporation. I found my recommendations and suggestions were overtaken by profits and the bottom line. If I wanted to make a difference, I knew I had to make it on my own. I am committed to making a difference in the industry!” says Ed.

BlueKey Design Build is essentially two businesses in one. They are a general contractor, but they also go above and beyond construction alone by providing their clients with superior design services.
What does that mean for the client? It means that instead of hiring an architect, a designer and an engineer to create a design, and then searching for a contractor to build it, you can find everything you need in their ‘one-stop-shop.’ 

That’s right – we take the hassle and headache out of remodelling your home! We remove the stress involved in interviewing designers and getting bids from contractors. We handle every aspect of your project for you, from creating your dream design to completing the quality construction and finishing the job. Our comprehensive approach makes design and build an effortless experience even for the most demanding projects. I invite you to have a look at our website, where you can learn more about BlueKey, and how we do things differently.”

Ed explains, “The inspiration behind everything I do is my daughter. She is the backbone of my existence.”

Dear Taylor,
I’m so excited for you because I know so many opportunities will be available to you. I want you to understand what it means to work hard, have a career and reach your full potential. I also want you to understand that’s only half of it. Family, relationships, children – those are the things that fill up your cup. Don’t lose sight of that.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!


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