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Biz Showcase: Body Mind Medicine with Susan Meehan

I am Susan Meehan: Reiki Master Teacher, Nia Technique Instructor, Shamanic Healing Practitioner and Mindfulness Educator. I have been practicing multiple natural and holistic medicine modalities since 1988. I began as an apprentice at Canada’s largest Holistic Clinic in Ottawa. Here I learned and became fascinated with bio-energetics and the human energy field.

From there I was led to study Reiki, an energy-based healing modality that operates inside each person’s energy field to release stagnant energy from our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It works to correct and adjust our energy and immune systems right down to the cellular level. When our frequency is low, we have a low life force, low vitality, and sometimes illness or disease. When our frequency is high, we feel energized, peaceful, full of vitality, and we experience vibrant health and personal joy! Reiki works non- invasively using hand placements and hand scanning techniques to naturally increase our life force and energy frequency. Reiki can also be offered remotely at a distance which is very powerful and convenient during these pandemic times.

Reiki is a powerful complementary medicine for caregivers and mothers who often feel helpless when loved ones are unwell. It is safe, free, and always available as first aid to all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Reiki speeds the healing process and can remove toxic energy pollution including dangerous and ever-increasing electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that we may or may not be aware of.

The holistic fitness practice I teach is The Nia Technique. Nia offers neuromuscular conditioning while bridging the concepts of eastern martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia is a super fun fusion fitness practice that offers safe and high-end conditioning to your body, mind, emotions, and spirit! Practiced in bare feet, Nia is easy to learn, bringing an incredible sensation of vibrant health and authentic joy.

Currently, I offer online private Reiki sessions/training for adults and kids, and I also teach Nia classes through a private Facebook group called “Moving with Susan Meehan”.

Here you will find Nia and other offerings like Moving in Mindful Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls.

Please connect with me through email, website, or phone: nia.meehan@gmail.com, www.bodymindmedicine.ca, or 519-852-8192.


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