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Can a Naturopathic Doctor Help with Fertility Issues?

It can be difficult to know where to turn when you are having difficulty having a child. A naturopathic doctor who focuses on fertility can play a key role in your journey. 


Knowledge is key. Education on menstrual cycle tracking, identifying your fertile window, and timing of intercourse can greatly improve your chances of conceiving. A laboratory assessment (bloodwork) that provides you with a “fertility snapshot” is also vital. In patients who have not been to a fertility clinic, we are often the first place they have a more comprehensive assessment completed. We understand when you should be referred to a fertility clinic for further assessment and are proud to support patients that undergo fertility treatment at clinics in London and Toronto. 


We’ll help to clarify which dietary changes and supplements have good evidence and should be used as adjunct treatments in your fertility journey. We understand which diet and lifestyle factors may increase your risk of miscarriage, and work to address these early on. We know that you don’t want to wait until you’ve had three miscarriages to be assessed. 


We also advocate for early assessment of sperm health, given that male factor infertility is common. If sperm health is a concern, we can educate you or your partner on lifestyle and supplement interventions. 


 There is research showing that acupuncture may have benefits improving fertility as well. While the research is still being done around acupuncture and assisted reproductive technology (ART), there are several studies which show statistically significant increases in pregnancy rates with couples who undergo acupuncture. A study has even compared acupuncture treatment to a commonly used egg producing medication, and pregnancy rates at three months were equal in both groups. For best results, it is ideal to start acupuncture several weeks before trying to conceive, but acupuncture can be a beneficial addition to your fertility journey 


Anyone investing in a fertility journey involving artificial reproductive techniques (e.g. IUI and IVF) should also invest in naturopathic care. We can provide solid recommendations backed by studies that show improved outcomes. Plus, we are trauma-informed and understand how difficult this journey can be. We can help to support your mental health and other factors such as sleep and stress management. 

We’d love to be part of your fertility team. 


Compass Rose Wellness Centre has two naturopathic doctors who have experience treating men and women on their fertility journeys.


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