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Canadian Pride

This Canada Day let’s take a moment to feel pride for our country!  

With such immediate access to world news, we are witness to the unravelling of many nations. Stories of violence, fear, destruction, and anger make up the click-worthy headlines that scroll past our daily feeds. And while Canadians are certainly not immune to negative press, it sometimes feels like we’re watching most of it from the sidelines. 

As a Canadian, I can’t help to feel a sense of pride and relief to be living in the True North strong and free. How amazing is that most of the world knows us for our politeness, our hockey teams, and maple syrup? Canada has incredible natural beauty. We don’t have to drive far with the family to enjoy being surrounded by vast, unspoiled nature. Our country is full of breathtaking sceneries including lakes, rivers, parks, beaches, mountains, and the largest coastline in the world.

Most importantly to us parents, Canada is a great country to raise a family. With extended parental leaves, free health care, access to safe public schools, and affordable post-secondary education, we needn’t worry as much for the future of our kids. With our 99% literacy rate, they are growing up in a country that offers them a solid chance for a good life.

Canadians today generally believe in fairness, equality, and freedom. While we still have work to be done, Canadians tend to be open and respectful of each other regardless of gender, race, origin, religious affiliation, or sexual identity. Diversity is not just accepted but very much celebrated in Canada and for the most part, we are free to be ourselves. As a gay dad living in a rural town, I’ve always felt very safe and a valued member of the community.

From the country that brings you Hawaiian pizza and maple dipped donuts, we are no stranger to a wide variety of ethnic cuisines. Because our differences are valued, much of the food we have access to is very culture-specific. Some of our family favourite meals include sushi, butter chicken, pad Thai, and all types of pasta! Plus, many of us have direct access to Canadian grown produce and meats.

It should come as no surprise that many of the “Best Quality of Life” rankings rate Canada’s standard of living quite high. We may not be perfect, but there are so many great reasons to feel proud to be Canadian. Join me – with a Canadian brewed beer – in raising a toast to this wonderful country. Happy Canada Day!

Frank Emanuele is a proud father of two boys, a special education teacher, and a director of Dad Club London.


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