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What’s it Like Celebrating Your Birthday as a Twin?

What’s it like to celebrate birthdays as a twin?

Charlie – It’s a gong show! We wake up and eat chocolate cupcakes for breakfast! If we have a party with our friends we each get to invite four or five different people. We always get two different cakes because we are two different people. Birthdays are great but double fun when you have a twin. 

Harrison – It’s great! I think we get more presents than normal – we get some for each of us and we also get some that we can share! At our birthday parties, we get to invite more friends than someone who doesn’t share a birthday with a twin. And we always get two cakes!  

Do you prefer being in the same or different classes at school?

Charlie – This year we’re in the same class because of COVID-19, but I like being in different classes. When we’re in different classes we learn different things and I can share that with my brother. 

Harrison – Both, it’s complicated!  When we’re in the same class, we have the same homework and can help each other with it. When we’re in different classes people don’t get us confused and when we learn things we can come home and teach it to each other. 


What makes you alike and what makes you different?

Charlie – Our hair is the only thing that I think makes us look alike. Sometimes we say the same thing at the same time – I think that’s pretty cool. Our voices sound different. I’m better at math, Harrison is better at science. I like to read a lot and Harrison likes to do art. The biggest difference between my brother and me is he’s a lot louder than me! 

Harrison – The number one thing that makes us alike is our hair. People can’t tell us apart when they just look at our hair. Our faces look a little bit alike but they are mostly different. We’re the same height and weight most of the time. We like many of the same things like playing soccer, football and most sports. What makes us different is our close friends are different, but we hang out in the same group. We don’t like to dress the same. We have different favourite colours and different favourite foods. Many people just call us the twins – I hope someday everyone will see us as Charlie and Harrison, and not just twins. 

Charlie and Harrison
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