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Chalk It To Me, Baby

Nothing screams summer fun like sidewalk chalk. It’s cheap, and a big bucket full can mean an afternoon of entertainment. You can have a big lineup of activity ideas in your head, so if the kids get bored, you can simply throw another idea their way.

And for sure, adults, get down on the ground with the kiddos on this one – they’ll chalk a lot longer, and you’ll feel like a creative kid again. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • Be part of the picture – Have your child lay down and trace around them. Then switch spots. Or better yet, lie or sit down and create a picture around the person. Maybe they become a butterfly, maybe they’re paddling a chalk canoe, maybe they’re in a rocket ship.
  • “Sew” a quilt – Chalk off a grid of squares and let each person decorate a square as they wish. You’ll end up with a whole chalk quilt.
  • Play hopscotch – Teach the kids this old-fashioned classic by throwing a stone and hopping on one foot. It’s great exercise for the grownups!
  • Write messages to the passers-by – Leave some inspirational messages or kindnesses on the neighbourhood sidewalk in chalk. Then sit back and watch the walkers smile as they go by.
  • Tic-Chalk-Toe – Any pencil and paper game can be played with sidewalk chalk in a BIG version. Try tic-tac-toe, hangman or dot-to-dots.
  • Framed! – Draw some huge picture frames on the patio – what masterpieces can the kids fill them with?
  • It’s A Chalk-stacle Course – Make an obstacle course from chalk. Draw a zigzag line they have to balance on, circles they have to hop into, letters they need to jog across, etc.


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