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Confidence Isn’t Key, It’s Everything

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will! Confidence isn’t something we’re innately born with, it’s actually a skill to be learned and improved upon daily. If you struggle with confidence, it’s time to get to work! Like, now. If you work on developing and mastering the art of confidence, you’ll have fewer issues in business and in life, and you’ll feel significantly happier and more fulfilled.

  1. Don’t feel smart enough? 
  2. Don’t know what you’re doing?
  3. Do you fear your competition? 
  4. Are you scared of what people might think? 
  5. Are you afraid to fail? 
  6. Are you seeking advice from the wrong people?

These are signs you’re lacking confidence, which will prevent you from achieving great success. To put it simply, confidence is your belief and trust in your own abilities. It does not mean you have all of the answers for everything, or that you never feel fearful. Instead it is the understanding that if you do not know the answers, you can rely on yourself to figure them out. Being persistent in figuring things out that you didn’t know before is the best way to build confidence. The longer you stay in a state of helplessness where you ‘don’t know’ the answers without taking action and figuring them out, the less confident you’ll be. I developed significant confidence from relying solely on myself at a very young age when I learned that the only person I could completely trust and rely on was myself. It taught me that if I didn’t know what to do, I had to figure it out. Feeling out of control and helpless only wastes time that you could be spending on finding a solution. Wallowing in a state of ‘not knowing’ strips you of your confidence, so the quicker you transition from a victim mentality to ‘I have the power to figure this out’, the more you will build your confidence skills. For my top tips on building confidence, tune into my podcast Scrap The Sweet Talk, Episode 8 – it’s all about confidence-building!

Rebecca Hamilton,
Owner, Chick Boss Cake


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