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The team at Corporate Workplace Injury Management is often asked “what exactly do you do?”

They are a dedicated team of paralegals who specialize in all areas of WSIB. That’s the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. “We ensure businesses are compliant with WSIB legislation and mitigate their costs, wherever possible. Our clients are organizations registered with WSIB who want to keep their claims costs in check and minimize time lost due to workplace injuries”, says founder Sheila Zsoldos.


We live and breathe WSIB because we have seen the impact on organizations and employees when things go wrong. We’ve helped companies out of some very difficult situations where WSIB claims were not handled properly and our goal is to protect our clients against these unnecessary challenges.” Sheila Zsoldos brings 36 years of experience in the specialty of workers’ compensation. Sheila started her paralegal business 10 years ago working from a little room in her home and has since expanded to an office at 583 Oxford St East. 


What makes Sheila special is her knowledge, along with her dedication. Sheila was recently presented with the Small Business Executive Award from the London District Construction Association in recognition of her efforts to the industry.  

Does your business need help with:

  • Reducing WSIB expenses
  • Representing employers at hearings and appeals
  • Managing WSIB claims from the moment of the incident to the final resolution
  • Developing back-to-work strategies for injured employees
  • Training your Health and Safety and Human Resource staff on how to manage

workplace injuries

  • Ensuring you are in the correct rate group and paying the correct premiums
  • Reviewing annual statements and optimizing rebates
  • Ensuring compliance with legislation
  • Reducing the risk of significant financial impacts


Corporate Workplace Injury Management offers a complimentary consultation and looks forward to assisting you with all of your WSIB needs. Find more information at www.corporateworkplaceinjurymanagement.com and reach Sheila at 

sheila@corporateworkplaceinjurymanagement.com or 519-601-2420. 


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